Course Information Required

We want to give visitors to the SSHP Cymru training hub the best user experience and a high level of informational quality when they visit the platform, so please do provide information for all of the fields provided. It is important to consider how you will be keeping this information up to date so that users have the right information when needed. This is one of the most effective ways of ensuring users visit the site regularly and engage with your training offers.

N.B. Please take note of the mandatory fields outlined in red and ensure these are filled in correctly, as content will not be able to be published if it is left out, or is incorrect

Provider information

Field NameDescription
ProviderThe name of the training provider/organisation
EmailA contact email address for enquiries or further details
PhoneA contact phone number for enquiries
Provider Details Course SiteThe URL/web address of the provider’s website, or where the course details/signup can be found e.g.

Course Details

Field Name Description
Course NameThe name of the training offer (eg: training programme/workshop/video/e-module) that will be displayed and appear in the training offer search for learners
Time of DayThe time of day that the training offer is delivered (if fixed)
DurationHours of study or how long the course takes to complete
CostThe unit cost of the offer (per learner), cost per group and number limits
PlaceThe location if the training is delivered face-to-face

Training Overview Input fields

Field NameDescription
Aims and target audienceDescribe the overall aim(s) of the training, including reference to awareness raising, knowledge acquisition, and skills development, as appropriate, and who will benefit from the training
Learning outcomesA section to outline or detail the learning outcomes that will be delivered
Delivery method and stylesHow is the training delivered, for example: in-person workshop with practical exercises (skills development or confidence building); a lecture (knowledge transfer); an online course or e-module with multiple choice questions to test knowledge; an interactive video (to raise awareness and understanding)
Knowledge and skills required of the trainersA section to outline or detail the knowledge and skills of the trainers that deliver the training offer, and how many are assigned to deliver each session (safeguarding).
Involvement of people with lived experienceHow people with lived experience of the subject have been involved in designing and/or delivering the training offer.
Assessment, CPD credits, certificationWays in which knowledge, understanding and skills are assessed, and how the training is recognised, certificated, accredited, or quality assured, and by which accreditation/QA agencies.
OverviewA description of what learners will experience when progressing through the training offer and what they can expect to take away with them on completion. This could include quotes or testimonials from previous learners that describe what they felt they had gained.