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Mental Health and Suicide Awareness in Agriculture

Aims and target audience

This training is designed for those who are farming in Wales, working directly with farmers or providing services in agricultural or rural communities. Participants will gain an understanding of mental health issues in agriculture, how to spot the signs of poor mental health, how to start conversations with those who are struggling, what support is available for signposting and how to encourage self-care. The training is also designed to tackle the stigma associated with poor mental health and raise awareness of the services The DPJ Foundation can provide to those in agriculture, including the 24 hour Share the Load helpline. The course will cover aspects of suicide prevention, including how to spot the signs that someone may be having suicidal thoughts, how to ask the question and how to support someone.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the risk factors for poor mental health in agriculture
  • spot the signs of poor mental health including those thinking of suicide
  • open up conversations with those who are struggling
  • signpost people to support
  • encourage self-care in themselves of others

Delivery methods and styles

An interactive session encouraging conversations about mental health and suicide awareness, with activities, power point slides and short films.

Knowledge and skills required of the trainers

The training is delivered by staff or volunteers with knowledge and experience of mental health issues or lived experience of mental health in agriculture.

Involvement of people with lived experience

This training was developed by someone with lived experience of bereavement by suicide. The content includes stories and films of those who have lived experience of poor mental health in agriculture. The training is often delivered by volunteers with lived  experience of poor mental health in agriculture.

Assessment, CPD credits, certification

The training is not accredited. A certificate of attendance is provided.

Last Updated December 15, 2022

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