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On The Go (OTG) – ONLINE Suicide Bereavement Training – Applying the ‘Grief Map’ Model to Support People Bereaved by Suicide

Aims and target audience

Aims of the module

To enable professionals to offer those bereaved by suicide a map to identify how they have been impacted by suicide and direction on how to navigate their grief.

Who is this module for?

Professional therapists/counsellors working in Level 2 of the stepped care model for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) and other appropriately qualified health care professionals.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

Professionals undertaking the training will:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of a practical model to help them support bereaved people to determine where they are on their ‘grief journey’
  • Develop skills and confidence in using the model to identify areas where those bereaved by suicide might require assistance/support.

This module is CPD accredited.

Delivery methods and styles

ONLINE, Delivered by two trainers

Knowledge and skills required of the trainers

What client group do we focus on in this module?

The focus is primarily on developing knowledge and skills to support adults impacted by suicide.

Assessment, CPD credits, certification

This module is CPD accredited.

Last Updated December 15, 2022

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