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On The Go (OTG) – ONLINE Suicide Bereavement Training – Talking with Children and Young People When There Has Been a Suicide

Aims and target audience

Aim of the Module

This module will explain why honest information about a death is helpful to children.

It will explore the use of language for children of different ages and how to choose words that make these difficult conversations possible.

Target Audience

Any professional who may find themselves interacting with a child bereaved by suicide, in any setting.

Teachers, Emergency Services, Health Visitors, nurses and doctors in hospitals, staff in GP surgeries, Funeral Directors, Clergy, Coroners office, Social Workers, CAMHS teams, Youth workers, Foster parents.

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Participants will better understand the needs of children following a suicide and the importance of a sensitive use of language when talking with children bereaved by suicide.

Participants will feel more confident to support families to have open and honest conversations about the death of someone by suicide, and be more confident in their own conversations with children.

This module is CPD accredited.

Delivery methods and styles

ONLINE – delivered by two trainers

Assessment, CPD credits, certification

This module is CPD accredited.

Last Updated December 15, 2022

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