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SP-ARK : Suicide Prevention Awareness Resources Knowledge

Aims and target audience

SP-ARK Suicide Prevention – Awareness, Resources, Knowledge. An introduction to PAPYRUS and Suicide Prevention

The key objectives are:

  • To increase awareness of suicide and suicide prevention
  • To provide information about PAPYRUS – Prevention of Young Suicide
  • To develop hope and encourage action for a suicide safer community
  • To understand the importance of self-care

SP-ARK is aimed at anyone with an interest in suicide prevention who would like to know more about the work of PAPYRUS and gain a basic background to the subject.

Learning outcomes

  • Know the statistical background to the magnitude of suicide in the UK
  • Be aware of the work that PAPYRUS does to prevent young suicide
  • Gain information on how to refer a young person to HOPELINE UK or to ask for support and advice around the topic of suicide
  • Be aware of further training available through PAPYRUS
  • Have links to PAPYRUS information and campaigns around the topic of suicide

Delivery methods and styles

SP-ARK can be delivered either online or in person. A trainer will take participants through a number of slides, films and links to websites to illustrate the knowledge being conveyed. There will be time for questions within the 30 minutes.

Knowledge and skills required of the trainers

  • Understanding of the issues around suicide
  • Ability to manage a group learning about a sensitive subject
  • Knowledge of the work of PAPYRUS
  • Experience of working with those learning about suicide for the first time
  • Knowledge of PAPYRUS resources and how they can be used to support people

Involvement of people with lived experience

Lived experience is at the core of everything that PAPYRUS does, having been founded by parents who had lost children and young people to suicide. From our trustee board to our workforce and volunteers, we value lived experience and encourage feedback into our training work to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.

Assessment, CPD credits, certification

SP-ARK is not run as an accredited course because it is not about skills development (see entries for other PAPYRUS training). It is designed as a presentation that should give people an idea of the services that are on offer. We can recommend our further courses for skills development.

Last Updated November 24, 2022

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